Thursday, April 25, 2013

Sorry My Brethern: Tips for Ladies to "Entertain Themsleves" While Doing Things That Their Men Love"

So, a few weeks ago, I gave my guys some ways to "entertain themselves" while doing things with their girlfriends that they like to do. I would like to think it was a hit! Those who read it, especially females, loved it. In fact, FemFM radio host, Jerrel Phillips, thought it was actually pretty funny. So funny that she invited me to co-host the "Battle of the Sexes" episode of her show!

But, I made a promise that I would turn the tables, and I plan on doing that now. So ladies, here are some tips to "keep yourself entertained" when you are doing things your guy enjoys.

Let's start off at the living room couch. In this situation, he is tuned into some program in the wide world of sports. Now, I will agree that not all women dislike sports. Which is great! But for those of you who could care less who just scored that last touchdown, here's some helpers.

 Root against his team. Nothing will draw more emotion out of him than rooting against the team he holds near and dear. The key to making this tip work is to go all out with it. You cannot be soft. This means that you've got to do a bit of screaming, arguing, and a lot of clapping. A little teasing does not hurt either. This is especially effective in rivalry,playoff, and big games in general. If you know his favorite player (just check his closet for jerseys and, or, t-shirts) be sure to put extra effort and emphasis (Alliteration! Dr. Branam will be so proud when she sees this!) into railing on this particular person!

If your guy is like me, he will have a few fantasy sports teams. Fantasy is basically being the owner/general manager of your own fake sports team (usually online). For this tip, ladies, I want you to join his fantasy league. In order to make this tip work to its fullest, you have to have a little dedication. Keep up with your team. Make sure that your roster is the best it can be. Buy the fantasy magazine guides, look up player stats online, whatever you have to do, do it. The ultimate payoff for this tip will happen (if you do it right) when your team and his team go head to head, and your team wins! Not only will he be in disbelief, but you will have something to brag about to all of his buds. But, for his sake, don't rub it in too hard ;). If your team is good enough throughout the season, you could even make some money out of it! This tip works for my ladies that like sports and those who don't like them as well!

Not every guy is into spots. Some of us are video game guys. We enjoy the feeling that comes from winning a Free for All in Call of Duty or completing a mission in Assasin's Creed. Here are two ways to "enjoy yourself" when he's gaming.

Method 1- Instead of asking him to get off of it, let him play. During his playtime, ask bout each butto press, combo, move, basically anything he does in the game. If he starts to get annoyed, just tell him that you aren't a gamer, and that you are just curious! Do this with each game he plays. Just remember, you are letting him play, so he can't complain that you won't let him do things he enjoys.  As you may be able to infer, this tip works well with the sports situation too.

Method 2- This is more for those of you ladies who enjoy gaming. But even if you do not, this tip will work. If he's playing a multiplayer game, pickup a controller and play with him. You want to make it appear that you  are just sharing the experience with him. Your main goal, much like the fantasy football tip, is to get to a point where you can kick his butt on a consistent basis. Trust me, nothing drives us guys more crazy than losing at something (read as anything) we are doing.

Here is something you can do when you are getting ready to go somewhere he wants to go, but you aren't too fond it. Before you go, you have to get dressed right? Well, you need to know, before you put anything on, how he thinks you look in it. So, instead of showing him two outfits to compare, act like you're in Paris, and make it a fashion show!! Parade each and every outfit and random combination of clothing you have! This will be fun for you as you can channel your inner Tyra Banks and be a model for a hour! Once you settle on the outfit, if you are feeling up to it, do the same thing with your accessories. But, as a warning, at this point, he will pretty much say "Whatever, I don't care anymore, just put something on and let's go!" Once this statement is uttered, you know you've done your job!

Well ladies, I think I've done my job well here. Hopefully this makes up for the tips I gave the guys on how they could enjoy themselves when they were out and about with you! If I missed anything please tell me! I love feedback! Also Stay Strong Boston!

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