Friday, March 29, 2013

Entertaining Yourself While She Enjoys Herself!

Don't be like this guy! Have some fun dude!
We all love doing things we want to do. It's comfortable, it's fun, and we don't have to be convinced  to do it. Then there are those things that you do not want to do. These things are a little more difficult to deal with as you are in no way excited or personally willing to do what's being asked unless you are convinced or coerced.

If you are in a relationship. You know all about both sides of this coin. You do some things you want, and you do some things you must. But just because you are doing things with your significant other that you may not enjoy all that much, does not mean that you can't find ways to have some fun or "entertain yourself" during said activities. Tonight, I will devote my forum to the men. So guys, here are some tips on how you can "entertain yourself" while doing activities with your girlfriend, wife or female friends.

Let's start at the make-up counter or make-up store. Think Sephora, MAC or any make-up section at a place of purchasing. As you may know, it takes some time for women to pick out their make-up selection as they must make sure that the color looks good with their skin texture. This is perfectly fine as no one wants to have bad make up on when they go out.

 Guys, here is what you can do to provide yourself with some amusement. Take one of the samples of eyeshadow she is not using, and start applying it to yourself. This allows you to share this wonderful experience with her and it shows that you are down with the make-up thing. She will either laugh with you about this, or she will slap it out of your hand and wipe it off of your face in embarrassment.

The next logical place she will go to is the eye-liner section. For all of you who do not know, eye-liner is that thing that looks like a colored pencil, but it is very short. When she is applying the test liners, grab one that she isn't using, get a piece of paper or a receipt from your wallet  and start writing with it! Even if you know what it's supposed to be used for, do this anyway. You're a guy, so you can act as if you had no idea of the pencil's purpose! Are you seeing the fun yet?

Here are some things you can do in the clothing section. If your girlfriend is anything like my sister, she will have to look through every, and I do mean every article of clothing available to make sure she did not miss anything. Well, this is a great time to ask her what each article of clothing is that you are currently viewing. Not only will you find out what a romper or maxi-dress is, but you will greatly increase your fashion knowledge. You may also be told to go and look at something else, away from her, if she gets annoyed with your trolling antics. 

If she does send you away. Feel free to have some fun with the sales associates. They deal with so many tiresome, rude customers during the day. This is your chance to put a smile on their face, and a imprint into their memories. Ask one of them to pick out a awesome outfit for you. When they find something, if you are one of great boldness, try it on! You and the associate will have a grand time laughing your butts off, your girlfriend, on the other hand, may assume the face palm position. 

If you haven't mad her too mad, she may take you to the "beauty supply store" for the final segment of this outing. The first thing you will notice as you walk in is all of the many wigs for sale (you see where I'm going here right?) . Let her look through what she wants to look through, get your butt to the wigs, and try on those wigs! If you can find a sales associate on the floor, ask (with the wig on) "Does this make me look hot?" Eight times of ten, they will say yes. Then find your girlfriend and ask "Can I get it pleeeeease?" Once again she will either laugh, or roll her eyes and think "Why did I bring him?" 

Once you are done, wrap up your day and make her happy with you again by taking her to a nice lunch or dinner. No pranks here, you have had your fun for the day. Now, take some time to just enjoy her and her companionship. 

Now ladies, I know what you are thinking: "Where is this guy!? I'm going to find him and give him and tell him personally what will happen to him if he even thought about doing this with me!!"  I want to encourage you to rest and take a deep breath. Next Friday, with the help of some of the lovely women in my life, I will bring you things that you can do to entertain yourself when your guy is doing stuff that he enjoys! So be sure to come back and see what I have in store for you next week!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Withitness: Do You Have it? You Need It!

For those of you who do not know me, I listen to a lot of sports radio. I enjoy listening to O's games on summer nights, as well as the daily talk shows. One of my favorite shows is ESPN Radio's "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd. While I do not always agree with his opinions, there is a concept he mentioned that I think we all need to acquire in our lives. This is the concept of "withitness."
Withitness is essentially being aware and/or knowledgebale about your surroundings. Think having eyes in the back of your head.

A good example of this is when you are standing in line at the grocery store's self checkout aisle on a Saturday afternoon (usually a grocery store's busiest time of the week). Someone who is not aware of their surroundings will take their good old time scanning their items and packing their bags. With withitness, you notice the line of people behind you and you pick up the pace and try to get the process done so that the next person can go.

People who have the best sense of withitness are teachers and athletes. Teachers need to be able to know what is going on in and around their classroom. They cannot afford to be ignorant of their surroundings. Catching misbehavior quickly could be the difference between a orderly classroom and a lawsuit. I had a teacher in High School who was truly with it. She could catch anything, "and The Rock means anything!" that you did or were trying to do in her class. Even if she was looking down at her desk while grading, she could tell when someone was barely whispering all the way in the back of the class.

Athletes gain withitness just by playing and practicing their sport. In basketball, the term for withitness is "Court Awareness."  All of the great passers in hoops had high court awareness. From Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Steve Nash and Jason Kidd all had or have impeccable court awarenessand court vision. They know what's going on in the paint, on the wings and in the backcourt.

Have you ever seen Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning before the ball is snapped? You probably think "why is he yelling out all of these cadences and weird phrases that no one understands?" Well, for my non-gridiron folk, sometimes he is calling an audible to change the play. Other times, he's just doing  that simply to trick the defense into thinking he's changing the play. His level of withitness allows him to see what's going to happen when the play is run before anything happens. If you do not have withitness as a QB, you will end up like the 2002 version of QB David Carr-sacked 76 times.

Since my withitness alarm is telling me to wrap it up, I'll just encourage you to be more "with it." You can never be too aware of what's going on around you. It may save your live or another's one day!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Really Mr. Textbook? Why?

This is one of my college textbooks. I just bought it this morning (don't look at me like that, we didn't need until after Spring Break!). Anyway, it's interesting enough so far, solid arguments, what you would expect from your typical Poli Sci book.

Here's my gripe, I just paged a grand total of $117 for this 287 page book. You read that right, $117 for 287 pages!!! I understand that textbook companies need to make a profit (Heck, who doesn't?). But this is, some of my peers would say "doing too much."

This book (which is all in black and white print) is worth a good $45-$50 at it's highest value. Ah, the things you deal with when using the college bookstore.

By the way, I don't know what you'll be doing tonight, but I would encourage you to tune into ESPN tonight at 7:30 and watch the NIT Quarterfinal Matchup between the Alabama Crimson Tide and my second favorite team (thank you Florida Gulf Coast!) the Maryland Terrapins! Later guys and gals!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Rookie Debut

Over the past few months, people have been asking me, "Aaron, why don't you have a blog? You would be really good!" Well guess what, now I am here and looking forward to entertaining you with what's on my mind every week.

I will mainly be talking about the subject that is my true passion-sports. Whether it's breaking down John Wall's game last night, or giving you my opinion on something said on ESPN's First Take, you will find it here. But I know, especially for some of the wonderful ladies that will read this, that sports is not the only thing that exists in this world. So, from time to time, I will be discussing topics in entertainment, travel, and even fashion (Trust me! I know the difference between a clutch and a tote.). Hey, depending on who responds to my requests, I may even have a interview or two for you to enjoy!

If you have a topic you would like for me to discuss, please let me know! I am open to all suggestions! Plus, I want to hear from you all. You can't be successful on your own, you need a great supporting cast and awesome people around you as well.

At my core, I am a writer. That is the true reason behind me doing this. I enjoy seeking interviews, doing the research, and giving my views through pen and keystroke. Accompany me on this blogging journey, and I promise you that I will do my best to give you the best that I have.