Thursday, February 6, 2014

Tips From the A Man! Part 1

I feel that, since I enjoyed my time in College so much, it is only proper for me to pass on the experience! I want others to have the same amount of fun and excitement that I did. So, as I take a break from applying to jobs, here is my first tip:


So many students, especially at small schools or schools that are on the remote side, consistently complain to their friends about boredom. I don't know how many times I've overheard someone people say: "It's sooooo boring here!" or "There is literally nothing to do here." And these people are usually correct. If you simply go from class, to food, to room each day, boredom will ensue and stay. Well, there is a way to combat this, getting involved on your campus!

There are more than enough groups and organizations for any person to take a look at. Just as there differences in what people are interested in, so are the variety in types of groups. If you are all about the enviornment, you can mingle with the Sierra Club! If sports are your fancy, but you don't want to go Varsity, intramurals and club teams can help you score some goals! Some people just want to maintain and grow in their spirituality. Well, there are even groups for them. Christian, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, and Alternative belief groups are available on the large majority of college campuses. Last, but certainly not least, you can even become a brother or a sister and Go Greek!

Personally, I was in three different organizations. I joined United Campus Ministries as a freshman in order to grow in my faith. Junior year, I showed of my writing skills with the best college newspaper ever, The Bottom Line! In my final semester, I became a politician and joined the Student Government Association as a On-Campus Senator.

Outside of those organizations, I had the pleasure of calling a basketball + soccer game and doing a little show entitled "The Bobcast."

While these groups and activities were very different from each other, the experiences were no less awesome for me! In these groups I:
                         1.) Made new, life-long friends.
                         2.) Put on and participated in some pretty unique and even life changing events.
                         3.) Did many things that I would have never dreamed of doing as a shy Freshman.
                         4.) Special to The Bottom Line and SGA, I experienced the wonderful, and........interesting                                world of "Girl Talk."

So, if you really want to enjoy your four years at (Name Your School Here), take my first piece of advice and get involved. You never know who you may end up encountering once you do!

Stay Tuned for Tip 2!

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