Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Controlling One's Fandom!

Some sports fans just need to be reminded that, while sports are fun to watch, they are not your whole life. It's simply a game. Unless you work for the team or get paid to be a sports writer, what happens on the field, court or ice has no effect on your life. Does that mean don't be emotional, no! Feel the fire, be passionate! But know at what point when that part of you needs to be shut off.

There is no, I repeat, no place in the sports world for death threats. "Oh, he dropped a pass that would have taken us to the Super Bowl! I'm gonna tweet out that if I see him on my town, I'll kill him!" What is your malfunction? Should he have caught that ball, probably so. Does he deserve to die because he didn't, heck no. Flip the script, how would you feel if you made a crucial mistake on a school assignment and went home to an inbox or news feed full of people saying "I'll kill you" or "You should go somewhere and die!" Would that many sense to you in that situation?

I'll reiterate, it's just a game folks! I've been upset many times watching the game. As a Redskin's fan, this is something I have to deal with often. As unhappy as I may be with RG3 or the defense, I know to leave it at that. No reason to overreact over something that will have no bearing on how I live my life.

Don't let your fandom drive you to acing outside of yourself and here's to sports!

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