Saturday, December 24, 2016

We Needed It Monday

After sitting through Monday night's pain, I seriously doubted that the Redskins would show up for today's matchup with the Chicago Bears. With the Bears at 3-11 and without starting quarterback  Jay  Cutler, this looked like a easy win. However, as we Redskins fans know, the pressure of a playoff race, lack of wins or impact players on the opposing team usually means very little in terms of the team winning.

With a combination of anxiousness  and excitement I watched today's action. To my delight and surprise, they actually showed up and did what was expected of them. They put up 478 yards of offense and forced five turnovers to earn a critical 41-21 road victory. With this, they're playoff hopes remain alive heading into the final week of the regular season.

Though this win is huge, I wish they had the same fire and determination Monday vs. the Carolina Panthers. While nothing is guranteed, with a bit more effort, energy and desperation they could have won and still controlled their own playoff destiny. Looks like Redskin's fans and players will be scoreboard watching all this and next week.

One game still remains against their division rivals, the New York Giants. My question to the team is simple: which Redskins will we see. Will it be the team that lacked uregency and couldn't make stops on defense against the Panthers and (earlier this season) the Arizona Cardinals? I hope not. I want to see the team that beat the Ravens, Giants and Eagles. In all of those games, while they weren't perfect, they made the big plays when they neeeded them the most and found a way to come out on top.

With all that, here's to one heck of a final week of the NFL regular season!

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